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Counselling inspired by mindful, balanced living.


Counselling is a space that is free of judgment and full of empathy, which allows you to learn about your values, desires and needs, and to pursue your personal goals and purpose without any external expectations.

Create Changes in YOUR story.


Counselling offers an opportunity to let go of thoughts and behaviours that are no longer serving you in order to embrace new ways of being that support who you are. By letting go of past fears, blocks and resistance, you can create a new story that brings about openness, creativity and truth. 

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Your Greatest Self.


As social creatures, we are meant to share our stories, reflect on them and seek the help of others. 






Improve mindfulness and self-awareness

Find acceptance and let go of negative attachments 

Create internal balance in a demanding and stressful environment 

Generate clarity around current needs, purpose and fulfillment

Make positive changes which connect you with your true self

A designation of BC Association of Registered Clinical Counsellors

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