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Personal Counselling

About Counselling


My therapeutic approach is client-centered therapy/Rogerian therapy, meaning the foundation of counselling will include understanding a client’s issues without judgement, and working together to bring about options that best suit the client’s individual needs and challenges. 


With Rogerian therapy as the foundation of my counselling approach, I also integrate cognitive-behavioural therapy, body-centered therapy and EMDR therapy into my sessions, based on what each client’s needs and goals are for counselling. 


As part of this framework, I believe the counselling relationship is fundamental to effective counselling work, which is why a free 15min phone consultation is offered before the first therapy session to ensure I am the right counsellor for you.


Areas of counselling:

Discover the roots of anxiety & improve stress management

Gain coping skills for depressive symptoms

Build improved self esteem & establish appropriate boundaries

Receive support around making lifestyle changes in health, career/school or relationships

Find meaning and enjoyment after loss or trauma

Explore your purpose and gain acceptance of self

Improve relationships with better communication and conflict management

Book online or email Maggie today to book a free 15min phone consultation!


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