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Personal Counselling

About Counselling


My counselling sessions incorporate:

1) Understanding a client and a client's issue(s) in an empathic and non-judgmental space through a holistic lens (psychological, physiological, sociological and spiritual)

2) Helping clients build new skills through emotional/somatic regulation practices, changing thought patterns and processing the personal blocks to change

3) Moving through and processing old memories and patterns that aren't serving a client

4) Moving forward and creating a meaningful and connected life which aligns with the client. Finding meaning, purpose, fulfillment and enjoyment in a new life!

I offer attached-based, trauma-informed therapy, which strongly utilizes EMDR therapy, somatic techniques, CBT and an internal family systems approach. I primarily work with clients struggling with trauma, anxiety, relationship and self-worth issues. Through empathic understanding, skill building, emotional processing and creativity, clients move out of suffering and move into a purposeful and connected life!

I work best with clients who are motivated and desiring to make big changes to their emotional, cognitive, somatic and behavioural patterns and transform their life. Clients who are open to taking guidance and doing practices outside of counselling sessions will resonate best with my best semi-structured approach to counselling.


As part of this framework, I believe the counselling relationship is fundamental to effective counselling work, which is why a free 15min phone consultation is offered before the first therapy session to ensure I am the right counsellor for you.


Areas of counselling:

Process distressing and traumatic memories

Discover the roots of anxiety & improve stress management

Learn emotional and somatic techniques for regulation 

Improve relationships with better communication and conflict management

Discover your life purpose and receive support in transforming your life

Find meaning after grief & loss, and connect with your higher self

Gain acceptance of self, improve self worth & establish appropriate boundaries and needs

Book online or email Maggie today to book a free 15min phone consultation!


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