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Services & Fees

Initial 15min free meet & greet. This phone consultation is offered to ensure my services are the right fit for you, to share what issues you are struggling with and to discuss how I can help you!

Online counselling sessions & EMDR therapy are offered over the phone or video format.

Individual counselling sessions (50min) are $155.

EMDR Therapy sessions (80min) are $233

There is a cancellation fee for missed appointments unless 48hours notice is provided. 

These fees are in line with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors recommendations. Most health plans cover portions of Registered Clinical Counsellors fees, please check with your individual insurance plan to confirm.


Counselling session details:

Counselling sessions are offered for individual adults only.

Online counselling is available for all BC residents 

Sessions may be either 50min or 80min, depending on a client’s counselling needs.

An average time line for counselling would be 12 sessions, however the total number of sessions needed will depend on the issues presented.

Book online or email Maggie today for a free 15min phone consultation!



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